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J. Keith Prescott Bio

Meet the medical mind behind Natural Esthetics

Keith Prescott is the visionary founder behind Natural Esthetics, a leading wellness practice specializing in Body Sculpting and Non-Surgical Pain Management Solutions. With a wealth of experience and expertise in anesthesia provision, Keith has established himself as a highly sought-after practitioner in the field.

Throughout his distinguished career, Keith has earned a reputation for his exceptional skills in providing anesthesia for various medical procedures. He has extensive experience in Pediatric, Obstetrics, General, Orthopedic, ENT, and complex neurological and Vascular procedures. Keith’s commitment to excellence is evident in his utilization of ultrasound-guided regional techniques for all blocks, ensuring precise and optimal patient care.

Keith’s dedication to continuous learning and professional growth is showcased by his training background. He had the privilege of learning from knowledgeable providers who teach the Dannemiller review, a renowned program in the medical field. Additionally, he has received advanced training from the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, further enhancing his expertise and ability to deliver top-notch services.

Driven by a passion for helping individuals achieve their aesthetic and wellness goals, Keith established Natural Esthetics to provide a holistic approach to beauty and pain management. With his comprehensive knowledge and cutting-edge techniques, he aims to empower clients to enhance their natural beauty and improve their overall well-being.

As the founder of Natural Esthetics, Keith embodies a commitment to excellence, compassion, and the highest standards of care. With his expertise and dedication, he continues to transform the lives of countless individuals, helping them regain confidence, alleviate pain, and embrace their full potential.

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